Winter Bike to School Day

Friday, February 8, 2019

How it Works:


Students everywhere: Go to school the way you normally do. If you ride your bike, that’s great! Have fun.


2. Teachers, add your school to the world map and do a quick survey.


3. Compare with other schools! Talk to your students about what its like in other places around the world


4. Friday February 8th is a special day. Its both Winter Bike to School Day AND Winter Bike To Work Day! That day, adults all over the world have committed to ride their bicycle to work. For fun, they see which city gets the most people. 🙂 You can help them get a high score, just by doing a survey! 


The highest single day total of bikes counted at your school between now and February 8th earns your community bonus points. Here is an example: 

 Everyone wins. Share your community’s story. 


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